Learning to Sail with TooUp

Learning to Sail with TooUp

Have you always dreamed of owning your own vessel but you’re just not sure where to get the necessary experience? Does your better half need a little convincing that this is a worthwhile investment of your time and money? If this is true to you, then look no further – TooUp Sailing has the perfect sail-training program for you and your partner! With a range of packages on offer, TooUp will have you confidently in command of your vessel in no time, regardless of your current skill set.

Getting to know the basics on board

With 30 years in the marine industry and over 50,000 nautical miles clocked, you can feel safe and assured that captain, Dave Williams, will bestow upon you some of his vast knowledge and understanding of the sea. From the necessary nautical terminology to the functionality of the safety equipment, Dave will make you comfortable and familiar with all you need to know about the boat and the art of sailing.

1. Vessel Operations

Whether you do a Full Day Private Lesson or a 2 Day Sailing Course, you will gain plenty of invaluable first hand experience on all the require operations to confidently handle your boat. This will include; how to safely leave and come alongside at a marina, as well as how to tie up and secure the vessel without causing damage to the boat, yourself or your precious cargo. Your training will also include ‘hands on’ time handling the sails from hoisting to tacking and gybing. Basic navigation, rules and safety are included in the courses too.

Be it is your first time learning these skills, or if you are brushing up on some old ones, TooUp sail training ensures you get the full experience of sailing a modern design catamaran, making this a truly unique and practical program.

2. Navigate with confidence

The crew at TooUp strongly believe that there is no better way to learn the skills of confident sail handling and navigation, than with a full day training course on beautiful Sydney harbour. With courses specifically tailored to suit your individual skillset and level of competence, this is the perfect opportunity to learn the art of catamaran sailing for you and your partner. You will be taught how to navigate and operate the vessel with the correct techniques. Gaining valuable insights and instruction from the esteemed and highly experienced skipper, you are sure to be sailing with confidence and ease in no time.

3. TooUp Sailing Sail Training packages:

One-day Sail Training Course

Designed for those with some previous sailing experience, this lesson will be tailored towards ensuring you both receive the skills and confidence required, whether it is in preparation for a new boat purchase, an upcoming charter or allowing your non-sailing partner to gain confidence at sea.

Duration: Six hours
Location: Sydney Harbour

Two-day (live-aboard) Sail Training Course

For an ultimate opportunity to experience what it is truly like to spend time under the sail, as well as all that is involved in living aboard. The two-day course is perfect for someone who is thinking of purchasing their own catamaran. This course allows individuals, and their partners, to experience day to day life on the vessel, while gaining additional time perfecting the crucial techniques of anchoring, docking and navigating a catamaran prior to making the big purchase.

Duration: Two full days and one night including all meals
Location: Sydney Harbour

With the ability to tailor courses to suit your needs and desires, don’t hesitate to contact TooUp Sailing for more information and booking availabilities.

Phone: 0401 145 719
Email: dave@tooupsailing.com.au