TooUp Sailing is committed to ensuring the safety of staff and guests and your comfort and well-being while onboard our vessel is of paramount importance. Implementing the procedures outlined in our COVID Safety Plan ensures we are in compliance with NSW Government Health requirements and minimises risks
associated with the transmission and spread of the COVID-19 virus.

For any charter:

  • All crew and guests are required to use our QR Code to digitally log their presence or complete a manifest sheet which will include their full name, a contact tel No and e-mail to assist with contact tracing in the event of a case of Covid-19 being discovered after the charter, these details will be retained securely for a period of 4 weeks and destroyed after that period.
  • It is currently a condition of entry for all passengers to either show their vaccination record or sign and date a declaration to confirm that they have received both Covid 19 vaccinations.
  • ‘Too Up’ has 84 sq meters of deck and cabin space and a maximum passenger capacity of 20 plus 2 crew, indoor physical distance space is limited to 1 person per 4m2 and outdoor, 1 person per 2m2 under the current NSW Health guidelines.
  • The guest safety briefing will include important information about maintaining an adequate safe physical distance whenever possible, safe food contact, correct disposal of used paper towels and other practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Complimentary snacks (Chips, pretzels, nuts) usually served in bowls have been phased out during the Covid pandemic.
  • ‘Too Up’ will be thoroughly cleaned by the Manager and vessel cleaner prior to any guests boarding.
  • Crew are expected to wipe down all work surfaces, door handles and grab rails with the supplied disinfectant regularly whenever passengers are on board. Hand sanitiser, hand wash, hot water, soap, and paper towels will be available on every charter.
  • Staff will wear supplied surgical gloves when assisting guests to board and alight and for all food and drink service, gloves will be changed regularly during the cruise and after every customer interaction/contact.
  • Disposable surgical masks are always available for guest use if requested.
  • Staff have been issued with individual washable cotton face masks for use on board which under current regulations will be worn throughout the entire charter.
  • Charters can go ahead with up to 20 guests, but all passengers will be asked to adhere to NSW Health advice and maintain physical distancing as much as possible
  • Used Paper towels will be sealed in a plastic bin bag and disposed of in the bins at Birkenhead Point Marina
  • All crew members are aware that if they suspect they may be suffering the WHO symptoms of the Covid-19 virus they will not attend the vessel and a substitute will be organised.
  • Guests will be asked if anyone is suffering the symptoms as described by the WHO prior to boarding with notices posted to remind guests of this requirement.
  • Currently dancing and singing is not permitted but drinking in a standing position is now allowed.

If your charter is unable to proceed due to Covid-19 Government directive such as lock-down, TooUp Sailing is committed to being flexible with the terms and conditions of the charter and considerations will be made to reschedule.

Dated 13 th October 2021