• Bookings can be made through our secure credit card booking facility on the webpage or an invoice can be generated by e-mailing 
  • Customers will receive a confirmation e-mail of their booking from either our on-line credit card booking facility or with an invoice and receipt.   
  • The maximum passenger numbers on any charter is 20.
  • The minimum charter booking will be two hours duration and can be extended for any period of time in hourly increments.
  • Two wharf landing fees are included.
  • All teas, coffee and still water are included in the charter cost.
  • Alcohol can be purchased on board in cash or in advance using our on-line booking facility prior to charter or by invoice.   
  • A 25% deposit of the entire charter cost is required to be paid on confirmation of the booking. 
  • Full payment becomes due 5 working days before the charter date. Charters will not proceed without full payment.
  • Bookings made less than five days before the charter date will require full payment at the time of the booking.
  • Wait times at the wharf, Too Up is only permitted a maximum of 15 minutes alongside the wharf to board and alight all passengers therefore all clients should aim to be waiting at the wharf at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the charter.
    If Too Up has to return to collect late passengers an additional wharf landing fee of $50 is charged.


  • All rates and prices are listed on our website.
  •  Too Up provides a service on all Public Holidays, New Year’s Eve fireworks cruise. 
  •  Too Up can provide a service at all times of the day and night.


  • In the event of winds forecast to be in excess of 30 knots the charter will be postponed on safety and insurance grounds.
  • The client will be given the opportunity to receive a full refund or reschedule the charter to another date in which case no refund will be issued.  
  • In the event of a client having to postpone the charter for whatever reason once the full balance has been paid, the following postponement/ refund policy will be applied:
    • the client in the first instance will be given the opportunity to reschedule the charter to a mutually convenient date and no refund will be issued
    • cancellation by the client with less than five days-notice incurs a 25% surcharge on the full charter cost
    • cancellation by client with less than 48 hours-notice incurs a 50% surcharge on the full charter cost.  

In the event of a medical emergency or other such unavoidable situation requiring the client to cancel the charter less than seven days before the due date Too Up will offer either a full refund of all the monies paid or the opportunity to re-schedule.

No Show

In the event of a client failing to precent themselves at the allotted charter booking time (No Show) no refund will be made.

In the event of the client having to cancel or postpone the charter they must contact Too Up Sailing by the following means 

If more than 24 hours before the charter via e-mail or telephone  

+61 401 145 719, Dave Williams

On the day of the charter by telephone only.


As Too Up has two large indoor seating areas which are fully enclosed and protected from the elements, we do not postpone charters in the event of rain. Too Up will not refund any payments made in the event of cancellation by the client due to rain.

Behaviour on board   

  • All guests must follow the safety instructions given by the Skipper and staff.
  • Too Up is a non-smoking vessel and we operate a completely illicit drug-free environment. If any evidence of drug use is identified the charter will be immediately terminated and guests offloaded at the nearest wharf. No refund will be issued under these circumstances.
  • Too Up is a licensed vessel and we adhere to responsible service of alcohol (RSA) rules. Drunken, unruly behaviour and any actions likely to put the staff, other guests or vessel in danger will result in the charter being terminated immediately.   

Lost/Damaged property

The staff on board Too Up will make every effort to keep passenger belongings safe and secure and we have areas were belongings can be safely stowed. As with any moving vessel on the water there is a possibility of items being accidentally dropped overboard or being damaged because of wave action. Guests are responsible for keeping their own personal items (e.g. mobile telephones) safe. 

Too Up cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal items. 

In the event of items of lost property being discovered after guests have departed the vessel the item will be retained on board and the client notified.

The item can be collected from our berth at Birkenhead Point Marina, Drummoyne or sent by Aus Post at the clients cost to their chosen address.    

Vessel damage/Soiling

Guests are expected to behave in a respectful manner and follow staff instructions regarding access to restricted areas on board. Should any damage occur to Too Up due to deliberate or reckless actions, guests will be invoiced for any repairs and held liable to make good.

If the damage is deemed to be a deliberate act which causes the cancellation of future charters the client will also be held liable for the cost of refunds made to the clients effected by the cancellation of their charters. 

No open drink or food is to be taken into the guest cabins. In the event of spillage/soiling occurring in cabins, guests will be invoiced for the cost of cleaning and making good.  

Garbage Disposal  

Too Up operates a garbage disposal plan and nothing is permitted to be discharged or discarded into the sea. All garbage should be handed to a member of staff for correct stowage and subsequent disposal. 


Too Up has two electronic flush toilets on board. Only bodily waste and supplied toilet tissue is to be flushed.

Items such as chewing gum, cigarette butts, disinfectant wipes and ladies’ sanitary products deposited down the toilet bowl will cause blockages. In the event of such a blockage occurring, guests will be held liable for any repair costs.      

Health & Safety 

Too Up is in commercial survey and operates an approved Safety & Management System (SMS).

Safety is paramount and in order to ensure the safety of the guests, staff and the vessel as well as other water users, guests are expected to follow staff instructions in relation to the safety drills, locations of life saving equipment, holding on at all times and not entering areas with restricted guest access. 

A Covid-19 operating procedure has been introduced and is included in our (SMS)

Footwear & clothing

Ladies will be requested to remove high heels due to the risks of a tripping hazard and potential damage to the deck surface areas. All guests will be asked to remove black soled shoes. We suggest a pair of flat runners are the best option for walking around the vessel. In the event of inclement weather Too Up can supply windproof jackets and blankets. 

Children & Infants

Children are welcomed on board, but parents are expected to monitor their behaviour and be aware at all times of their child’s location on board .

All clients including children must adhere to the safety briefing and all instructions given by the crew.

Life jackets are provided for all children. 

EquipmentToo Up has a fully equipped galley to cater for 20 guests including plates, platters, cutlery, drink wear and napkins, there is no need to bring any of these items to your charter, Too Up also provides two large sit-on eski’s and complimentary ice so please do not bring a solid eski as they are difficult and heavy to move from the wharf to the vessel, we suggest using foil lined bags as they can be folded and easily stowed and re-used to remove any unconsumed food and drink.